G-Dragon recently caused a great shock in the fashion world with his extraordinary style

G-Dragon, who has just made a comeback with his group BIG BANG, is making headlines with his shocking fashion style.

On April 13th, singer G-Dragon delivered his recent status by posting a photo on his Instagram without leaving a caption.


In the released photo, G-Dragon is taking a selfie inside an elevator before going out. His fancy styling caught the eyes of fans and netizens.

Earlier, G-Dragon drew attention as he showed off his appearance when wearing grills. Grills are metal accessories that rappers often wear on their teeth to emphasize their charisma and style. G-Dragon revealed his teeth with grills that stood out with unique heart-shaped decorations.


Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s group BIG BANG made a comeback for the first time in 4 years by releasing the new song “Still Life” at midnight on April 5th.

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