Ahn Bo Hyun met his fateful opponent at the airport… a surprising “destiny”

Famous actor Ahn Bo Hyun met his “destiny” at the airport, despite them having completely different schedules.

On September 19th, actor Ahn Bo Hyun posted a photo on his Instagram story along with the caption, “Destiny. I met Baek Jong Won again when I returned.”

The published photo shows Ahn Bo Hyun and Baek Jong Won, who once again reunited at the airport after going to different schedules, walking side by side.

ahn bo-hyun

In the past, the two celebrities met on an airplane when they left Korea, and became a hot topic for the chance meeting. At the time, Ahn Bo Hyun said, “The big brother I met at the airport. This is destiny.”

On the other hand, Ahn Bo Hyun and Baek Jong Won are working together in the entertainment program “The Backpacker Chef”, which is being broadcast on tvN.

Source: Nate

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