FIFTY FIFTY CEO’s Past Revealed: The Man Who Protected Lee Ji Hye during Sharp’s Bullying Scandal 20 Years Ago

The past of Jeon Hong Joon, CEO of FIFTY FIFTY’s agency ATTRAKT, has been unveiled. 

While FIFTY FIFTY is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against their agency, ATTRAKT, for “termination of exclusive contract,” Jeon Hong Joon, the CEO of ATTRAKT, has become a hot topic among netizens because of his past.

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On July 5th, netizens on Korean online communities shared photos of CEO Jeon Hong Joon under the title “FIFTY FIFTY CEO’s Legendary Past.”

Jeon Hong Joon, at the time of co-ed K-pop group Sharp’s (S#arp) bullying scandal in 2002, stood by Lee Ji Hye’s side during a press conference as the company’s public relations officer and revealed the truth. 

At that time, Jeon Hong Joon disclosed the fact that there had been verbal abuse and physical assault by Seo Ji Young against Lee Ji Hye. 

As CEO Jeon Hong Joon is gaining attention amid ATTRAKT’s dispute with FIFTY FIFTY members, netizens are supporting and cheering for him as this past incident has come to light.

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Earlier, on June 28th, the four members of FIFTY FIFTY, through their legal representative, revealed that they filed for an injunction to suspend the effect of the exclusive contract against their agency, ATTRAKT. They claimed that ATTRAKT had violated the settlement obligations and damaged their reputation.

On the other hand, ATTRAKT responded to FIFTY FIFTY’s claim of settlement obligation violation by stating that the omission of revenue was not intentional but due to a time difference.

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Furthermore, CEO Jeon Hong Joon claims that external forces approached the members and induced them to violate the contract. He also revealed call recording files, alleging that the CEO of The Givers, a large planning agency, proceeded with a buyout case with Warner Music Korea without his consent. The Givers had entered into a service contract with ATTRAKT and had been in charge of managing and handling FIFTY FIFTY’s projects.

Meanwhile, FIFTY FIFTY has gained global popularity, achieving a record of 12 consecutive weeks on Billboard Hot 100 with their first single ‘The Beginning: Cupid,’ released on February 24th, setting the longest charting record for a K-pop girl group.

Source: Nate. 

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