Girl Group Members Successful In Both Work And Love: Karina, Joy & Lisa

The romantic relationships of Korean top female idols, such as Karina, Joy and Lisa, are attracting much attention

aespa’s Karina & Lee Jae-wook

On February 27th, Dispatch revealed that aespa’s visual member Karina and actor Lee Jae-wook are dating.

karina-lee-jae wook

According to reports, Karina and Lee Jae-wook got to know each other after attending Prada Collection Event in Milan, Italy together on January 14th. At that time, the two aroused enthusiastic responses for their visual combination. Returning to Korea, the two continued dating. Since Karina lives in the dorm, she often visits Lee Jae-wook’s neighborhood.

An acquaintance of Karina and Lee Jae-wook said to Dispatch that the two fell in love at first sight at the fashion show. Later on the same day, both agencies confirmed the two’s romance.

Meanwhile, Karina recently completed SMTOWN Live 2024 SMCU Palace @Tokyo with aespa, while Lee Jae-wook’s new drama “The Impossible Heir” will premiere at the end of this month.

Red Velvet’s Joy & Crush

After dating rumors spread in 2021, Red Velvet’s Joy and singer Crush immediately acknowledged their relationship. It is known that their common interest is raising dogs. Joy has a dog named Haetnim, while Crush is raising Duyu and Rose.

joy crush

Joy admitted to dating by writing a post on Red Velvet’s fan community, saying “I’m very cautious and embarrassed because we’re just at the stage of confirming each other’s feelings and getting to know each other little by little but the articles broke out too quickly. However, I guess it must have shocked Reveluv (fandom name) even more. I hope you undétand and continue supporting me”. Crush’s agency P Nation added, “The two developed feelings for each other after being senior and junior”.

Joy recently showed a great performance at SMTOWN concert at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on the 21st and 22nd of February. In the meantime, Crush released his first full album “wonderego” last year after getting discharged from the military and received so much love from the public.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa & Frédéric Arnault

On February 7th, foreign media 8World revealed photos capturing BLACKPINK’s Lisa and second-generation tycoon Frédéric Arnault together at the Miami beach in Florida. As the family members also came with them, there are speculations that the two may be thinking about getting married.

Lisa BLACKPINK Frédéric Arnault -thumbnail

Last year, rumors of Lisa and Frédéric Arnault’s romantic relationship arose as the two were spotted together several times. However, Lisa’s agency YG Entertainment did not reveal any position. Despite YG’s silence, fans and netizens continue to support their romance.

After signing a group contract with YG for BLACKPINK promotions, Lisa set up her own label for solo activities. The female idol also confirmed her appearance in HBO’s drama “White Lotus Season 3”. Meanwhile, Frédéric Arnault is still running businesses of the LVMH family, which owns luxury brands Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

Source: Daum

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