A former JYP trainee, who was not selected for the debut lineup of ITZY, decided to use her ex-teammates’ hit song to showcase talents

Lost the opportunity to debut with ITZY but this girl is trying to prove that JYP had made a wrong decision

In the latest round of Girls Planet 999, the contestants will be selected to show off their strong skills, in which they will join the group to dance, sing, or rap. Trainee Sakamoto Mashiro chose to compete in vocal skills, and surprisingly, she chose the right song Mafia In The Morning by ITZY.

Mashiro, who was a potential trainee for the debut lineup of ITZY, now did not hesitate but decided to use the hits of her former teammates to show off her talent.

In the previous rounds, Mashiro showed a bright and dynamic concept. So choosing Mafia In The Morning is a bold decision of her wanting to change her own image. And indeed, she not only suits the candy concept, but the girlcrush, mysterious vibe also fits her like a glove. 

Mafia In The Morning, which was originally a difficult song, has now been remixed into a rock version with a completely new vibe. However, with only a short video lasting a few tens of seconds, Mashiro showed off her impressive talent, powerful voice, and was not afraid of rap parts or high notes.

With an attractive vibe and diverse expressions, just random pictures in different angles could also be so enchanting. 

Having lost the opportunity to debut with ITZY, but through this great performance, it can be said that Mashiro has a sweet “revenge”. Does JYP feel regret for losing such a bright talent?

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