Global Companies Embrace the K-Culture Trend: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and More

For the first time in its history, Coca-Cola has launched a product engraved with the word 'Coca-Cola' in Hangul in 36 countries

This strategy aims to attract young customers from all over the world by leveraging the K-pop craze at the heart of the Hallyu wave phenomenon. It’s no longer unfamiliar to see global companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s collaborating with K-pop idols, embracing the Hallyu trend to secure profits in the global market.

On February 20th, Coca-Cola held a global press conference in Yeouido, Seoul, to unveil its new product ‘Coca-Cola Zero Hallyu’, a fresh version of Coca-Cola’s limited edition.

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The most distinctive feature of Coca-Cola Hallyu is its emphasis on Hallyu from its product name. Coca-Cola is engraved in Hangul. The same product can be found in local markets in the 36 countries.

Instead of the traditional red associated with Coca-Cola, the predominant colors used are green and purple. When tasting Coca-Cola Hallyu for the first time at the event, the flavors that came to mind were peach and banana. 

Coca-Cola also collaborated with JYP Entertainment and released a promotional MV for Coca-Cola Hallyu titled ‘Like Magic.’ JYP artists, including Park Jin-young and groups like Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX, participated in this campaign.

Kwon Jung-hyun, the Brand Marketing Leader for Coca-Cola Korea and Japan, emphasized that Coca-Cola Hallyu is a product prepared for over a year to celebrate the infinite love and passion of K-pop fans and sees it as an opportunity to introduce Korean culture to various countries.


Global companies like Coca-Cola increasingly leveraging Hallyu is becoming more common. Compared to domestic companies utilizing K-pop, K-dramas, and Korean food when exporting or entering overseas markets, the commercial utility of Hallyu is expanding even further. 

For instance, McDonald’s collaboration with BTS in 2021 resulted in the ‘BTS meal’ being sold in 50 countries, creating a frenzy of sold-out situations worldwide. 

Building on the success of the BTS meal, McDonald’s introduced the ‘NewJeans Burger’ in ten Asian countries last year. Luxury brands have also targeted K-pop fans by selecting various K-pop idols as global ambassadors.

Source: daum

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