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Ji Suk-jin returns in just one month “Participate in the recording of ‘Running Man’ today (Jan 15th)”

According to OSEN on Jan 15th, Ji Suk-jin will participate in the SBS “Running Man” recording held this morning. This marks his comeback in just 5 weeks, and the broadcast featuring Ji Suk-jin’s return will air on Jan 28th.

Earlier, on Dec 18th, 2023, Ji Suk-jin announced a temporary halt to his activities through his agency. At that time, his agency ESteem Entertainment stated, “Ji Suk-jin recently decided to take a short break from SBS’s ‘Running Man’ following the finding that he needs treatment after a health examination.”

Ji Suk-jin

They added, “We will do our best so that Ji Suk-jin can return with a healthier appearance as soon as possible. Thank you for your constant support and love for Ji Suk-jin.” Ji Suk-jin, who needed a break for health reasons, was also absent from the “2023 SBS Entertainment Awards” held on Dec 30th, 2023.

During his break, Ji Suk-jin made efforts for a quick recovery with the encouragement of fans and colleagues. After declaring a temporary suspension of activities just a month ago, he decided to return to filming. While broadcasting officials initially expected his return around February, Ji Suk-jin showed determination for a swift comeback.

Ji Suk-jin

The production team also welcomes Ji Suk-jin’s quick return. PD Choi Hyung-in mentioned at the year-end entertainment awards last year “I want to spread rumors. First, ‘Running Man’ will celebrate its 15th year next year. It’s been the No.1 entertainment show on OTT for 4 years. Second, Ji Suk-jin can return faster than expected“, receiving applause from fans.

As Ji Suk-jin makes his comeback, the filming on Jan 15th includes a special race among “Running Man” members in the show’s unique style. Alongside Ji Suk-jin’s swift return, the “Running Man” production team is pouring in enthusiasm to provide various laughter and fun in celebration of its 15th anniversary this year.

Meanwhile, at the “2023 SBS Entertainment Awards”, “Running Man” won the Program of the Year Award through viewer voting, and Ji Suk-jin received the Producer Award.

Source: Nate

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