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“I was not popular as Han Ji-min, but as my older sister’s sibling,” Han Ji-min reveals her popular sister

Han Ji-min revealed a past story about her older sister through “I like Ko Doo-sim.”

The latest episode of Channel A and LG Hello Vision’s “I Like Ko Doo-sim,” aired on May 29th, starred Go Doo-sim and actress Han Ji-min, who is acting as a Jeju haenyeo in the recent drama “Our Blues.”

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On this day, Ko Doo-sim waited for Han Ji-min while looking at the sea of Gyeongju. Han Ji-min hugged Ko Doo-sim from behind and made a surprise appearance, saying, “You look so pretty today. I’ve been looking at haenyeo only all this time,” she said gently. In response, Ko Doo-sim praised, saying, “You’re prettier,” and the two greeted each other gladly.

Looking at the sea, Han Ji-min recalled the filming process, saying, “It’s good to look at the sea, but it’s scary to go in while playing the role of a haenyeo, and I was so scared to shoot any scene on the boat.” Soon she said, “When I first met Mrs. Ko, I was scared. But Woo-bin also talked to me about the first time he saw Ko Doo-sim.” Han Ji-min mentioned Ko Doo-sim’s stiff tone, saying, “When I said ‘hello’, she would say  ‘nice to meet you’ and ‘thank you’ when I brought her water.” In response, Ko Doo-sim also admitted, “So my tone was that dry.”

Han Ji-min said, “While filming the drama scenes on the boat, I felt so close to Ko Doo-sim.” Ko Doo-sim then revealed an episode about Han Ji-min on the boat, that Han said she was confident that she can’t be seasick, but unexpectedly became seasick after that. Han Ji-min said, “I said I had never gotten motion sickness in the past, but that past was 20 years ago,” and added, “We got close by talking to each other at that time.”

Han Ji-min also told the story about her older sister. “I have an older sister who is two years younger than me. She is very pretty and popular. I was famous not as Han Ji-min, but as my sister’s younger sibling,” she said, surprised everyone.

She said, “Instead of being jealous, I used to scold my sister a lot. I nagged her, ‘How can you eat for two hours, too slow,’ ‘Why are you using the phone so much? The phone bill is going to be high. I even managed to tell other guy not to call her late at night. My older sister’s friends were scared of me,” Han added.

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Han Ji-min also recalled the time when she waited for her sister at the bus stop, saying, “My father hated us coming home late.” She said, “But my sister always took her time to come home. At that time, she had become a college student, and we fought a lot. My sister said to me, ‘Let’s see if you will be to stay away from drinking when you become a college student.’ I like drinking now,” she confessed, drawing laughter. After everything, Han Ji-min expressed her affection for her sister, saying, “She is my best friend now.”

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