[enter-talk] This is what BTS Korean fans are disappointed about.


Armys already know that all of Bighit HYBE’s continued merch releasing is cocky but just looking at the members makes their fangirl blood flow…

And the members only care about the agency’s fans’ reactions rather than their true fans’.

When I didn’t know what it was like to support idols, I fell in love and voted for Bangtan, who rarely got to be on the national music shows. Voting like that and time passed, it is also the motivation to help them reach the top 1 as they are now. Yes, because I wanted to see them in Korean music shows.

Billboard No.1, Grammy No. 1,… But life isn’t about achievements.

ARMY wants to see BTS appear frequently in domestic activities rather than No.1 BTS. Not the contents that Bighit gave.

Frankly, out of 10 BTS stages, 9 stages have ugly stage costumes and hairstyling so I can’t watch much. How long are they going to continue to wear retro and old-looking clothes after all?

Who would like this kind of stage outfit?

I don’t understand why they’re already cosplaying old singers.

I want to see Bangtan taken by another crew.

Not Bighit‘s repeated format content, not content that looks like it was recorded in the same place. Always being made by Lumpens and Pdogg make me sick.

Effortless outfits, hairstyle, makeup, and constant merchandising. 

Didn’t even listen to the fan’s protests.

These complaints have been coming for over a year and there is still no response up to now.


The domestic activities on domestic TV only stop at You Quiz On The Block. That’s all. Besides, all content is created from that standing water Bighit, extremely bland.

If they really think of the new Korean fans, at least once, do not produce English music but Korean music, not US – UK stages but Korean broadcast station’s stages – do the activities that fans in Korea want.

Fans are getting tired too. I want Bangtan to pay a little attention to the core fans who are leaving because of the media manipulation by the company’s fans. I miss the idol BTS, not the No.1 BTS. 

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There’s nothing wrong. Certificated.

2. [+208, -23]

The reason I disagree with this post is… you are making up stories about the members, right? As you said, you’re truly a fan that you see the members and you fangirl them, it’s true that Korean fans beat up Bighit (HYBE) but why does your tone sound like you’re going to quietly leave fandom and contribute to spreading fakes news about the members later? <She highlighted the sentence “the members only care about the agency’s fans’ reactions rather than their true fans’.”> Last time you all carried out a total attack on Weverse, I’m sure HYBE already knows but if you want to fight, just hit HYBE, don’t touch the members. M*ther f*ck.

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You’re right. I read that line then didn’t want to read it anymore, just scrolled down.

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Every word is correct. Suga’s words are not wrong but it’s rare, only at the end of the year do they appear on a domestic music show, receive an award, and don’t even say a word of thanks. Is it okay to treat domestic music shows like this?

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I don’t think I’m going to stop being a fan because I’m comforted by their song and satisfied with the quality of the stage, but I know what you’re trying to write for. LOL that’s not really.

> [+8, -2]

You hate the company’s fans so much that you even want to wipe them out, what are you trying to pretend ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It has been a time since a lot of fake Armys flooded to pann-whor* to express their dissatisfaction not with Bighit but with Bangtan. Who really wrote this, look clearly, please.

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Tbh I can’t deny it. Although I say with my mouth that I still enjoy Bangtan’s stage recently, watching their stage makes me feel a lot better, but in the end, I can only watch from afar, all the fatigue is ARMY’s responsibility! They keep saying that they miss ARMY, want to meet ARMY at the concert after the pandemic is over… but only 1 out of 1000 people can go to the concert!! If you miss us, if you want to repay that, then perform on a music show during your comeback! If Bangtan wanted to, which music show they couldn’t perform? Are there any singers who come back but only hold talk shows, release available content, and only perform 1 or 2 stages? Busy… You said you’re busy, but when promoting, you still have time to check out the exhibit, get tattoos, drink wine together… Please perform instead!! And these days, you often held Vlive after midnight… Too late for Korean fans. Do it at 10 o’clock so Korean fans would be able to watch it?? You’re so random with music show PDs, and the company is arrogant… This is an important issue you know? Stop doing great things, can’t you just be free from national and anthropological campaigns?? Just make songs and perform on stage! I just want to feel the energy that I felt at Bangtan at first. 

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It’s not even ‘copy and paste’ but the same thing is used over and over again… I’m fed up, get sick.

7. [+104, -6]

Tbh all words are right, but there are so many downvotesㅋㅋ

8. [+30, -7]

Why are you guys so obsessed with music shows? It’s the only thing I don’t agree with out of 100 things swearing at Bighit. I understand that if Corona is over, they can meet fans.

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