Lee Seung Gi and HOOK’s dispute is about music settlements, but CEO Kwon is at the center of attention with her private life issues

Amid controversies over unpaid music settlements, Lee Seung Gi is staying silent while the private life of CEO Kwon keeps getting exposed. 

The dispute between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK Entertainment is related to music revenue. Lee Seung Gi filed a lawsuit to get back the profits from his music activities, and HOOK became more controversial when the issue spread to CEO Kwon Jin Young’s embezzlement and breach of trust. So far, they are illegal acts that Kwon Jin Young should be responsible for as a CEO.

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However, at some point, the controversy over music revenue settlement gradually left the spotlight, and CEO Kwon’s personal issues are being revealed one after another. The situation comes after CEO Keon acknowledged the allegations related to Lee Seung Gi and said, “I will dispose of my personal property and take full responsibility without avoiding”. 

CEO Kwon was clearly at fault. Lee Seung Gi must have suffered unfairness as much as he trusted her. That’s why CEO Kwon has to stand in court and take responsibility.

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However, just because CEO Kwon admitted to the allegations and apologized, it doesn’t mean people have the right to find fault with all of her actions. The focus of the dispute is on details of music profit settlements that were intentionally hidden from Lee Seung Gi, as well as the CEO’s gaslighting behaviors and embezzlement.

CEO Kwon has recently been suspected of ordering employees to receive prescriptions on behalf of her and buy medicines, such as sleeping pills, for her using HOOK’s corporate card. In this regard, HOOK admitted that the CEO used the corporate card but refuted other claims. In the process of explaining the suspicions and solving the scandal, CEO Kwon’s poor health condition was revealed. She reportedly had a cerebral infarction in 2015, which later caused her to suffer paralysis and needed help from assistants even with daily life activities.

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The dispute was supposed to be a personal fight between Lee Seung Gi and HOOK/CEO Kwon. If HOOK settled all the unpaid amounts of music revenue for Lee Seung Gi, the controversy would be over. 

Embezzlement is not something individuals can deal with. As the prosecution already conducted a search and seizure of HOOK’s office and the investigation is still underway, CEO Kwon won’t be able to escape charges of embezzlement and breach of trust if she is indicted.

The fact that CEO Kwon did not pay her artist and embezzled the company’s money is clearly a wrongdoing. However, it is too much to confirm such allegations with the testimonies from her private Kakaotalk chatrooms with employees. To explain unrelated suspicions, CEO Kwon had to reveal that she was “half-body paralysis”. After the ongoing dispute is settled, it’s not too late to criticize the CEO for other things that she did wrong. 

Source: Daum

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