Actors’ Confused Reactions to JYP’s Unique Performance at 44th Blue Dragon Film Awards 

Among the performers, NewJeans stood out with “ETA” and “Super Shy,” eliciting excitement from the audience.

However, it was J.Y. Park who captured the spotlight. JYP delivered an unconventional medley of his own songs and Western tracks, leaving the crowd stunned. 

As he transitioned into a tight and sexy purple outfit, reactions varied among the actors present.

In particular, Krystal and Do Kyungsoo (EXO’s D.O.) went viral for their seemingly speechless and puzzled expressions during J.Y. Park’s performance. 

Even host Kim Hye Soo became involved during his performance of “When We Disco,” adding to the overall mixed reactions from the audience.

kim hye soo

Despite initial confusion, by the end of the performance, the actors still showed their appreciation for the unique performance. The aftermath saw netizens buzzing about the actors’ reactions, particularly those of Do Kyungsoo and Krystal. 

Actor Lee Sangmin later jokingly told his juniors: “Your reactions to JYP’s stage were broadcast on TV, so watch your reactions next time.”

Source: Koreaboo

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