Jo Woo-jin and Ji Chang-wook reunite after 3 years in “Gangnam B-Side”

Disney+ announced on Feb 29th that it will release the new original series "Gangnam B-Side" starring actors Jo Woo-jin, Ji Chang-wook and Ha Yoon-kyung in the second half of this year

“Gangnam B-Side” is a crime drama in which a police officer, a broker and a prosecutor team up to pursue a black connection against the backdrop of Gangnam at night.

Jo Woo-jin portrays Kang Dong-woo, an elite police officer who was demoted overnight. He is someone who pushes forward relentlessly once he sets his sights on something.

Jo Woo-jin, Ji Chang-wook, Ha Yoon-kyung

Ji Chang-wook takes on the role of Yoon Gil-ho, a mysterious broker who controls the Gangnam area. He is a character who has lived a bottom-of-the-barrel life in the darkest corners of the glamorous city to survive.

Ha Yoon-kyung, known for her roles in dramas like “Hospital Playlist” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, also joins the cast as Min Seo-jin, a prosecutor who has come straight from a provincial university to the prosecutor’s office with no connections, aiming only for promotion.

Director Park Noo-ri, who directed the film “Money”, is at the helm of the series.

Source: Wikitree

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