Han Ga In, “I’ve always dreamed of becoming a company employee. My dream is to get hired”

Famous actress Han Ga In revealed that she has a dream of being an office worker. 

In the January 6th episode of the JTBC program “Days Without Hand” (literal translation), Shin Dong Yup and Han Ga In traveled to Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to meet their clients.

Han Ga In

Here, Han Ga In said, “I’ve always dreamed of walking around with a cup of coffee while dressed like a business woman in a movie.”

Upon hearing this, Shin Dong Yup replied, “Your dream in the past was to be an office worker”. In response, Han Ga In said, “That’s right, my dream is to get hired. I have always dreamed of becoming a company employee.”

Han Ga In

Then, when Shin Dong Yup inquired about what kind of company Han Ga In thought she would work for, the actress answered,  “Since I majored in hotel management, I think I would have become a hotelier if I had finished college.”

Source: Daum

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