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The pain Yoon Mirae went through during her childhood for being mixed-race talked about on “20th Century Hit Song” 

Growing up with mixed heritage, it was not easy for Yoon Mirae. 

In the latest episode of KBS Joy’s “20th Century Hit Song”, which aired on July 22nd, the family history of Korean-American female rapper Yoon Mirae was talked about. 

20th Century Hit Song

Host Kim Heechul said, “Yoon Mirae was born to a Korean mother and an American father who served in the US Army in Korea. From an early age, she was teased for being mixed-race. There was a bad perception of mixed-race people at the time. So she was very hurt.”

Host Kim Min Ah said, “My favorite song ‘Black Happiness’ is a song about Yoon Mirae’s pain. Especially at the end of this song, Yoon Mirae’s father Thomas J Reid’s narration was inserted and it became a topic of discussion.”

20th Century Hit Song

Meanwhile, “20th Century Hit Song” is a new concept newtro music chart show that reinterprets KBS’s old K-pop contents, which contains Korean music history, to quench the thirst for newtro K-pop that the public wants.

Source: daum

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