Song Hye Kyo’s unexpected relationship with Samsung’s ex-daughter-in-law is at No.1 on Naver

Song Hye Kyo and actress Go Hyun Jung,  have an unexpected common ground.

In the entertainment industry, Song Hye Kyo is famous for having a lot of friends, being loved and supported by many colleagues. Recently, the list of Song Hye Kyo’s friends has a new name. This time, the new close friend of the beauty of the Song family is suddenly “The runner-up abandoned by the Samsung empire”, actress Go Hyun Jung.

Today (July 16), actress Go Hyun Jung posted a photo of checking in with the coffee truck sent by her junior Song Hye Kyo. On the coffee truck, the beauty of Descendants of the Sun also gave a fangirl-like message: ”I’m in love because of the movie A Person Similar To You!”. A Person Similar To You is the new movie that Go Hyun Jung is participating in. The unexpected friendship of two Korean beauties has caught the attention of the public and even made it to the top of Naver.

go hyung jung 190391083083
Go Hyun Jung takes a cute selfie next to the coffee truck that Song Hye Kyo sent her
go hyung jung 32982984094
Looking at Go Hyun Jung’s bright and cheerful appearance, few people think that she is 50 years old
go hyung jung 2894908904808
This news is on top of Naver

The secret friendship of Song Hye Kyo and Go Hyun Jung made people extremely surprised because so far, they rarely interacted with each other except for an event that took place a few years ago. The similarity between these two beauties is that they all look gorgeous and both of them used to experience broken marriage.

go hyung jung 294879749
Go Hyun Jung and Song Hye Kyo have not appeared together at an event for a long time
go hyung jung 209840980498 819x1024
Song Hye Kyo is 10 years younger than her senior and also had a broken marriage with Song Joong Ki

Source: K14

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