Fans Frustrated Over (G)I-DLE Manager’s Inappropriate Behaviors Toward Minnie

(G)I-DLE fans poured criticism over the group’s male manager for his strangely controlling behaviors toward member Minnie

Fans recently pointed out several situations in which a male manager of (G)I-DLE showed inappropriate attitudes and actions toward member Minnie, urging CUBE to take action.

In particular, when 5 members decided on the person who would buy coffee for the whole group by choosing one randomly among 5 credit cards of the members. Eventually, Minnie’s card was chosen. Minnie then went to fans who were standing nearby to tell the story but the manager stopped her, saying “I knew it would be like this because your card is as pretty as your face”.

When the members were talking with fans, this male manager once again cut Minnie’s words. He said to Minnie, “Didn’t I already take pretty Instagram photos for you?”, and did not allow fans to take photos of Minnie and communicate with her even though it was the female idol who approached fans first and the fans were only listening to her.

Especially, the male manager only had these “obsessive” actions for Minnie. He did not do the same things with other (G)I-DLE members.

gi-dle minnie

In addition, at a recent fansign event, fans also noticed that the male manager kept wandering behind Minnie. Even in front of fans who were taking photos of the members, he placed his hands on Minnie’s chair all the time. Later, when Minnie sat down to choose items to wear, the manager also sat down next to her.

Finding the managers’ controlling behaviors toward Minnie suspicious, fans are trying to report this to (G)I-DLE’s agency CUBE Entertainment and asking for a replacement of manager.

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