“All of Us Are Dead” villain Yoo In Soo is attaining resounding success for his comeback drama 

After “All Of Us Are Dead”, the actor is gaining rising popularity with “Alchemy of Souls”. 

yoo in soo
What has the villain of “All of Us Are Dead” been up to? 

Yoo In Soo was born in 1998 and is a household name in Korea. Before stepping into the acting scene, In Soo was a track and field athlete. His athletic abilities granted the actor a desirable physical fitness that helped bring him many roles. He also won first place in “SAC Youth Acting Contest” for his monologue performance, proving he has both fitness and capabilities.

yoo in soo
Yoo In Soo is a talented actor and a handsome face on the Korean screen 

In 2017, Yoo In Soo’s acting career started with the drama series “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon”. Subsequently, he also joined the cast of well-known series such as “School 2017”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Gangnam Beauty” and “At Eighteen”. The actor managed to capture viewers’ attention thanks to his distinct looks and unique character roles. He is also willing to play the bad guys. 

yoo in soo
Yoo In Soo participated in many popular drama projects 

As Gwi Nam from the web drama “All Of Us Are Dead”, Yoo In Soo is recognized by fans from all over the world. In the series, Gwi Nam is a highschool bully who is always up to no good. When the zombie apocalypse breaks out, Gwi Nam is bitten but is not turned into a zombie. On the contrary, he obtains superpowers that threaten the protagonists. His immersion in the role caused the audiences to have goosebumps and got the actor his first nominee as “Best New Actor – Television” category in the 2022 “Baeksang Arts Awards”. 

all of us are dead
Yoo In Soo shone with “All of Us Are Dead”

After the success of the highschool-themed zombie series, Yoo In Soo still generates heat and reaches a new-found height following his appearance in fantasy series “Alchemy of Souls”. In the drama, Yoo In Soo steals the show with a striking and appealing appearance, especially with his blonde hair rarely found in historical dramas. 

alchemy of souls
“Alchemy of Souls” helps Yoo In Soo go further in his career path 

After 5 years in the industry, Yoo In Soo has had some worthwhile achievements. Among the cast of “All Of Us Are Dead”, he is one of the most successful and prospective actors. In Soo is also passionate about fashion design and modeling for photo shoots. 

Image source: tvN, jTBC

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