“Love Recall” Sung Yu-ri, “I return early 6 months after my childbirth. I hurriedly went on a diet for the show”

Sung Yu-ri, a former idol of group Fin.K.L and actress, revealed that she tried to lose weight in order to appear on the show “Love Recall”.

Sung Yu-ri attended the press conference for KBS2’s new variety show “Love Recall” at GLAD Yeouido, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul and said, “I haven’t done this for a long time so I’m really nervous. I will try to make a warm program. I’ll do my best.”

sung yuri

In 2017, she married professional golfer Ahn Sung-hyun and gave birth to her twin daughters in January this year. “Love Recall” is Song Yu-ri’s first comeback on TV broadcasts after 4 years and also her first entertainment program since her childbirth. 

sung yuri

She shared, “I wonder if I have made a comeback too early. I was worried that my body and mind were not ready but I liked this program so much. When I met the PD and the writer, they were so nice that I wanted to make a good show with them. That’s why I hurriedly went on a diet.”

sung yuri

Meanwhile, “Love Recall” airs every Monday at 8:30 p.m. 

Source: daum

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