Hyun Bin already whipped for Son Ye Jin ages ago, even acted jealous of a director?

Old moments from the couple reveal that Hyun Bin may have already had a crush on his wife since 2018. 

It is common knowledge that the love story of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin began in 2019, after the couple collaborated in the hit drama series “Crash Landing On You”. From lovers, they officially became husband and wife this year on March 31, in a spectacular wedding ceremony. However, netizens have recently discovered proof that Hyun Bin may have been whipped for his wife way back in 2018. 

In particular, during the promotions for the movie “Negotiation“, Hyun Bin acted like he was jealous of men that approached Son Ye Jin. Most noticeable is when the actor suddenly came out of nowhere to pull Ye Jin away when a director got too close for a selfie. To people, this is prime evidence of Hyun Bin’s crush on his co-star – who has now become his partner for life. 

hyun bin son ye jin
Right from their first shared project, Hyun Bin has been protective of Son Ye Jin, and even pulled his future wife away from approaching men. 
hyun bin son ye jin
The couple denied all dating rumors at the time, but their actions said otherwise. 

In addition, netizens also discovered that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin shared the same bodyguard team before they came out as lovers. When the star actor went to film overseas, his protection squad was used by Son Ye Jin instead, and this gesture speaks louder than words. 

hyun bin son ye jin
All in all, Hyun Bin seems to be the most whipped husband in Korean showbiz. 
hyun bin son ye jin
Hyun Bin might have directed his bodyguards to protect Son Ye Jin while he had schedules abroad. 
hyun bin son ye jin
Many are sure that the “Crash Landing On You” couple shared the same bodyguards. 
Hyun Bin-Son Ye-jin
Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin might claim that their relationship started in 2020, but it seems that they have got eyes for each other for way earlier. 
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