Son Seok-koo, Mr. Gu’s aftereffects are still… “I get goosebumps again and again”

Actor Son Seok-koo delivered his recent status.

On June 29th, Son Seok-koo announced on his Instagram, “Not long ago, I talked with JTBC’s director Shin Ye-ri about ‘My Liberation Notes‘ and ‘Mr. Gu’ on a channel called ‘All Night Talk’.”

He wrote, “I thought it already became a memory, but the more I talk about it, the more I get goosebumps at how vividly I remember.”

My Liberation Notes

At the same time, he encouraged viewers to watch, “Let’s enjoy ‘My Liberation Notes’ time together on YouTube’s ‘All Night Talk’ at 8 PM today~”

Meanwhile, Son Seok-koo recently appeared in JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes” and the movie “The Roundup”.

Source: nate

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