Hyeri and Lee Joon Hyung deliver wrap-up greetings for “May I Help You”, “I’ve been through a rough time…”

Lee Hye Ri and Lee Joon Hyung expressed their feelings before MBC’s Wed-Thu drama “May I Help You” ends.

The touching story of Baek Dong Ju (Lee Hye Ri) and Kim Tae Hee (Lee Jun Young), wish-solvers who connect the hearts of those at the boundary between life and death, fulfilling the requests of the deceased and taking care of the sadness of family members who are left behind in “May I Help You” drew warm laughter and sympathy from viewers.

Baek Dong Ju has nearly achieved her resolution. With the last guest visiting Baek Dong Ju’s dressing room, audiences are curious about what other stories will be told. Also, as the real culprit of ‘Kim Joon Ho incident’ was found to be Seo Hae Ahn (Song Duk Ho), attention is focused on what choice Baek Dong Ju and Kim Tae Hee will make. 

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Lee Hye Ri added deep empathy to the drama by portraying the growth of Baek Dong Ju, a funeral director who fulfills the last wishes of the deceased. Showing her true value through this work, Hye Ri said, “I’ve been through a rough time with laughter, surprise, sadness, and pain while doing this work. I want to thank Baek Dong Ju and the viewers, who have joined us through this whole process”, delivering her sincere greeting.

Lee Hye Ri picked “the secret of the strange ability” as the last point to focus on while watching “May I Help You”. She said, “I think you must have been very curious about the reason Dong Ju can meet the dead. As soon as Dong Ju’s secret is revealed, an unexpected ending will be unveiled”, adding “Please watch until the end to see the ending for ‘May I Help You’ characters, who are suffering painful youth”, raising expectations.

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Lee Joon Young led the drama by expressing the feelings of Kim Tae Hee, who hides the pain of others with his vain smile, in detail. Kim Tae Hee, who gave up “happiness” due to the guilt over his brother’s death, has gained back the courage to be happy thanks to Baek Dong Ju. 

Lee Joon Young, who captivated the hearts of viewers by skillfully dealing with extreme emotions, shared, “The work that all of our staff and actors have worked hard on from summer until winter is about to end”, adding “I sincerely thank many people who have watched and supported ‘May I Help You’. I hope you stay with us for the rest of the story. I wish you wrap up this year well and be full of luck next year”.

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As for the last viewing point, Lee Joon Young mentioned “Baek Dong Ju’s move”. He said, “In the process of finding the hidden culprit of his brother’s death, it would be more interesting if you pay attention to the changes in Kim Tae Hee’s emotions and relationship related to Seo Hae Ahn”. The actor continued, “Also, please look forward to the future moves of Dong Ju after finishing the case”.

Source: Nate

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