“Going against the times vs simply fan service”… Netizens react to Bibi’s performance at Korea University

Singer Bibi recently delivered an unconventional performance at a university festival, and netizens are showing mixed reactions.

Bibi, BewhY, Yuto and more attended the “2022 Seoktap Daedongje Festival​” held at Korea University in Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul on May 24th.

In particular, Bibi drew attention by inviting a male fan to the stage and making bold physical contact.


Before starting singing “Best Lover”, Bibi said she needed someone to help her perform. She then sat a man down in a chair in the center of the stage.

Afterwards, Bibi danced boldly by leaning against the man and putting his hand on her waist. Finally, Bibi wrapped up the stage with a kiss on the man’s face, and cheers erupted from the audience.


However, some netizens pointed out the excessive commercialization of sex, such as “It’s too much”, “A stage that goes against the times” and “Unpleasant and uncomfortable.”

On the other hand, there were also netizens who showed opinions such as “You didn’t say anything when she kissed a female fan recently”, “It’s simply fan service, but you’re too sensitive” and “It seems like you’re cursing because you want to write malicious comments.”

Meanwhile, Bibi has confirmed her appearance as the new MC of “Witch Hunt 2022”, which will be unveiled on TVING this summer. Aside from her, Shin Dong-yup, Kim Eana and Code Kunst are scheduled to appear.

Source: Nate

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