Cha Eun-woo & Song Kang: Actors Whose Visuals Overshadow Acting Skills 

The dramas led by Cha Eun-woo and Song Kang are both struggling due to poor ratings

MBC’s Wednesday drama “A Good Day To Be A Dog”, starring Cha Eun-woo, has aired 8 episodes but its highest viewer rating peak is only 2.8%. The rating dropped to 1.7% once and recovered but has never entered the 3% range. The drama tells the fantasy romance between Han Hae-na (Park Gyu-young), a woman who is cursed to transform into a dog whenever she kisses, and Jin Seo-won (Cha Eun-woo), a man who is afraid of dogs. 

SBS’s Fri-Sat drama “My Demon”, starring Song Kang, has released 4 episodes and its current highest and lowest ratings are 4.5% and 3.4%. It is a fantasy romcom about devilish chaebol Do Do-hee (Kim Yoo-jung) and Goo Won (Song Kang), a demon who temporarily loses his power, getting married under a contract. At the moment, “My Demon”t is falling behind “The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract”, which recorded the highest and lowest ratings of 5.6% – 6.7%, in the Fri-Sat drama competition. Compared to its previous works, its ratings are considered disappointing. 

song kang my demon

Several reasons have been mentioned to explain the sluggish rating performances of “A Good Day To Be A Dog” and “My Demon”. Among various opinions, such as poor directing and broadcasting time slot issues, the most notable review is about the male lead’s acting skills. 

In particular, both “A Good Day To Be A Dog” Cha Eun-woo and “My Demon” Song Kang are receiving criticism over their acting skills. The two have starred in many works as leading actors before but most of the viewers’ comments are still pointing out their repeated images and characters, emotionless dialogue tones and lack of expressions.

The fact that viewers have no choice but to criticize Cha Eun-woo and Song Kang coldly and harshly is because both of them are no longer rookie actors. As such, it is believed that Cha Eun-woo and Song Kang should recognize the heavy responsibility of being leading actors when looking at the poor rating situation of “A Good Day To Be A Dog” and “My Demon” through negative reviews regarding their acting skills because they gain the most attention in the drama and receive the highest appearance fees.

Song Kang

Among the reviews, there are a lot of comments praising Cha Eun-woo and Song Kang’s handsome faces. However, a leading actor should get more compliments for their acting instead of visuals. Considering Cha Eun-woo once showcased a good performance in the drama “Ireland” and looking back on Song Kang’s impressive character expression in “Navillera”, some viewers are still hoping that the two can improve their skills and present better acting in the future.

Source: Daum

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