Japanese idol who is misunderstood as AI due to her outstanding beauty “It turns out she’s a mother of two children”

It has been revealed that Nagi Fujisaki (23), a Japanese idol who is misunderstood as AI due to her outstanding beauty, is a single mother raising two children.

On August 20th, Nagi Fujisaki appeared on TBS’ talk show “Sunday Japan” and revealed that she is a mother of two children. She added that she is a single mother raising her 1-year-old and 3-year-old daughters alone.

“Sunday Japan” aired scenes showing Fujisaki raising two children.

Nagi Fujisaki

She carried her daughter on her back and did the cooking. The image of her feeding the two children affectionately was also shown.

After the broadcast, Fujisaki shared why she suddenly revealed that she is a single mother through SNS. She said, “Honestly, I wanted to hide it. However, as things continued to happen, I felt the limit in hiding the truth.”

She added, “There’s also a fear of more and more false information spreading, so I decided to disclose it because I wanted to tell you directly. I’ll continue to work hard as a mother and an artist, so please give me a lot of support.”

Fujisaki’s “single mom confession” shocked the Japanese public. After the broadcast, her name quickly topped the search list on several Japanese portal sites, drawing keen attention.

Nagi Fujisaki

Some people mentioned the animation “Oshi no Ko”, which deals with the story of an idol with two children, and expressed surprise, “It’s the same story as the animation!” Besides, there were many reactions that could not admit that Fujisaki, who has a cute and lively image, is a “mother”, such as “I really can’t believe it.

Meanwhile, Nagi Fujisaki is active in the group “Saishu Mirai Shoujou”. She is famous for her beautiful looks and talents to the extent that she received rave reviews such as “Isn’t she AI?” and “Her voice and face are all on a different level.

Source: Daum

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