From Decision to Leave to Parasite, top award-winning K-movies in recent decade 

These 6 movies won countless awards at the time of their release, receiving critical acclaim and commercial success. 

Decision to Leave 

Decision to Leave” was a major spotlight in the Korean cinema of 2022. The movie triumphed at the “Blue Dragon Film Awards,” taking home countless wins in “Best Director,” “Best Film,” “Best Screenplay,” “Best Actress,” ‘Best Music,” and “Best Actor.” 

Decision To Leave

Director of the movie Park Chan Wook also received “Best Director” at the “Cannes International Film Festival,” while Tang Wei received three “Best Actress” awards from the “Korean Association of Film Critics Awards,” “Chunsa Film Art Awards,” and “Buil Film Awards.”

“Decision to Leave” hides Seo Rae’s (Tang Wei) true feelings when she finds ways to manipulate Hae Jun (Park Hae Il) out of her crime. Tang Wei’s acting excellently convey an emotionally and psychologically complex character. It is also the actress’ complete break from the shadow of the 2007 “Lust, Caution.”


“Broker” is one of the two works representing Korea to attend the 2022 “Cannes International Film Festival.” The movie received a 12-minute standing ovation after its premiere, the “Best Film” Award from the “Ecumenical Jury Award,” and brought “Best Actor” to Song Kang Ho at the “Cannes International Film Festival.” The movie was presold to 171 countries. 


“Broker” leaves a strong impression of taking a unique path to the so-called “healing” journey. Dramas and plots arise out of and revolve around the adventure to look for a new family for a baby left behind in a so-called “baby box.” Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won lead the movie with a natural performance while IU captivates attention as a strong mother with some rough edges.


Parasite”’s debut marks the 100th year in the history of Korean cinema. It is often lauded as a “masterpiece” of the 21st century. The movie did the impossible by taking home four major awards at the 92nd Oscar: “Best Picture,” “Best Director,” “Best Original Screenplay,” and “Best International Film.” The film won the “Palme d’Or” at the 2019 “Cannes International Film Festival,” the “Best Feature Film” Award at the 13th “Asia-Pacific Screen Awards,” and “Best Motion Picture in Foreign Language” at the 2020 “Golden Globe Awards.” In addition, actor Song Kang Ho also won the “Excellence Award” at the 72nd “Locarno International Film Festival.”


“Parasite” transcends the boundary between a niche academic movie with heavyweight subjects and commercial work to reach a larger group of audiences. The movie successfully paints a society with distinct class borders between people. It showcases the back and forth between ownership and loss, getting rich and alienation, mistake and payback. The movie is a bitter laugh over the cruel divide between rich and poor in a society.

The Handmaiden

The Handmaiden is a masterpiece that sent shockwaves through Asian cinema and rode waves to international markets. The movie gathers Ha Jung Woo, Kim Min Hee, and Kim Tae Ri. It won big from the box office to the Academy Awards, including “Best Foreign Language Film” and “Best Production Design” at the “Los Angeles Film Critics Association.” It was also the first Korean film to receive the “Best Film Not in the English Language” Award at the “British Academy Film Awards.” The movie also scored impressive points on online rating platforms. 

The Handmaiden

The movie successfully won over viewers despite discussing a niche subject. The actors captured the essence of an unconventional movie that transcends any fixed idea systems and philosophy. The plot itself is suspenseful and thrilling. The cinematography is also a bonus. 


“Mother” starring Won Bin and Kim Hye Ja is another successful work directed by Bong Joon Ho. The movie took home 43 awards, including the “Best Lighting” Award, “Best Director,” and “Best Supporting Actor” at the 2009 “Blue Dragon Film Awards.” 


By combining signature stylistic features of different genres, “Mother” explores the very roots of the human soul. The “mother” played by Kim Hye Ja and the naive son played by Won Bin have a way of solving all problems in a not-so-ordinary way. The depiction of reality in the movie is cruel and grim. The ending stores many secrets that will challenge even the toughest viewers. 

Along With the Gods 

The two installments of the “Along With the Gods” franchise are among the highest-grossing movies of all time, surpassing 1 million tickets sold in just 3 days of release. 

Along With the Gods The Two Worlds

The film won “Technical Award (Visual Effects),” “Audience Choice,” and “Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film” at the 39th “Blue Dragon Film Awards.” Kim Dong Wook, Kim Hyang Gi, and Do Kyung Soo (D.O. EXO) won the “Best Supporting Actor” award.

“Along With the Gods” offers many lessons about reaping what you sow and forgiving. The movie leads viewers through various sins in life while questioning the past and presenting a series of gruesome torture in hell that lingers on in the audience’s memory. Viewers are startled both by the filming techniques and the questions relating to their life. 

Miss Baek

Starring in the movie “Miss Baek,” Han Ji Min won the “Best Actress” Award from the “Blue Dragon Film Awards,” the “Baeksang Arts Awards,” and the third “London East Asia Film Festival.” The film is a completely different take on the female lead that is the opposite of the well-known sweet and funny female leads often seen in Korean movies.

Miss Baek

“Miss Baek” is a testament that to live and to love is a battle. People in the movie are depicted as wondering souls with no real purpose. Set in a bleak and ominous background, a woman is determined to save a little girl from neglect and abuse. Despite many struggles, they break free and run toward freedom. 

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