Former “Produce 2” contestant Park Hee Seok left a message for the late Lee Ji Han on his 49th-day memorial ceremony

Park Hee Seok, who also appeared on “Produce 2”, expressed his longing for the late Lee Ji Han, who died in the Itaewon disaster on Oct 29th.

On December 16th, Park Hee Seok made a post, saying Jihan, there is the 49th-day memorial ceremony in Korea. I couldn’t attend because I was in Japan, but many people contacted me. There were also lots of articles about your parents. Seeing the picture of your mother crying really breaks my heart.”

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lee ji han

He promised, “I can’t believe it. I can still imagine how you would happily greet me if I called you. I recently thought of you while carrying out my schedule in Japan, so I contacted your mom. I’ve decided to meet her when I return to Korea. I’ll also visit you.”

park hee seok

He continued, “Looking at the crowd at your memorial ceremony, I think the warm condolences from many people would make a way that leads you to a warmer place even in the current freezing cold weather of the winter. Your parents must have been really tired today, so I’m thinking of contacting them tomorrow. There’s a saying that if sadness lasts longer, it also gets deeper. That’s why I hope everyone will not forget you and continue to remember the memories with you for a long time in their life”, adding, “I love you. I’m sorry. I miss you, Ji Han ah”.

lee ji han

Born in 1998, Lee Ji Han, made his face known after participating in Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017. He later debuted as an actor by playing the role of Shin Nam Hyun in the 2019 web drama “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day”. The news that he was filming MBC’s new drama “Season of Kkokdu”, which is scheduled to air in January, drew deep regret. 

Source: Nate

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