Jang Won Young accused of plastic surgery, netizens jumped to defend her

Korean netizens raised evidence to protect IVE Jang Won Young from plastic surgery accusations. 

As a representative Kpop star of the 4th generation, Jang Won Young has received attention since she was a member of IZ*ONE. Now, as her group IVE is setting one record after another, the female idol’s popularity also reaches new heights. 

However, with fame comes malicious rumors, and for Jang Won Young, many people started to doubt that her beauty comes from plastic surgery. 

ive wonyoung
Jang Won Young was accused of plastic surgery 

Against this, however, a netizen wrote a viral post defending the female idols, and put out various pieces of evidence that refuted the plastic surgery claims. The post has since gone viral on the Korean platform Nate Pann. 

Below are some evidences pointed out by this netizen:

ive wonyoung chin
Jang Won Young’s chin now and then has the exact same jaw angle. The only difference is the lack of baby fat 
ive wonyoung chin
Many people suspected Jang Won Young has got lip fillers, but her lip shape shows no difference between an IZ*ONE promotion and the recent Paris trip 
ive wonyoung nose
Jang Won Young’s nose now and then…

The viral post has received a lot of support, with numerous other netizens coming to Jang Won Young’s defense. Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • In the first place, the most she could have done is get double-eyelid surgery which everyone gets. And even if she had undergone another procedure since, she has already been this pretty at age 15. You guys are just obsessed with her, talking nonsense that Jang Won Young shaved her chin and fixed her jaw
  • Why is this even an issue? She looks exactly the same in 2nd year of middle school
  • There’s no difference between Jang Won Young in IZ*ONE and in IVE
  • I think she hasn’t done anything aside from double eye-lid. All the changes are due to loss of baby fat
  • It’s not important whether she has plastic surgery or not, she is still pretty both in the past and now 
  • You haters will really find any opportunities to drag Jang Won Young, but it doesn’t change that she led the perfect life 
ive wonyoung nose
Even from the side profile, they look exactly the same. 

Source: Nate Pann 

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