Actor Lee Ji Han died while saving a little girl at the Itaewon tragedy

Lee Ji Han, who was previously confirmed as a victim of the Itaewon crowd crush, is revealed to have saved a little girl before he passed. 

On October 29th, the Itaewon crowd crush in Seoul, South Korea killed over 150 victims, leaving the entire world in deep sorrow. Most victims of this tragedy are people in their 20s and 30s, including actor Lee Ji Han. Now, a witness told the story of the actor’s heroic action before he passed. 

'Produce 101' Lee Ji-han
Lee Ji Han’s heroic action before his death was told.

Previously, it was revealed that Lee Ji Han did not go to the Halloween celebration, but was getting home from filming, and his house was located within the Itaewon area. According to a witness at the scene, the actor noticed a little girl stuck in the crowd while passing by, and came to rescue her. In the end, the girl was saved, but the actor lost his life. 

lee ji han itaewon stampede thumbnail
Lee Ji Han saved a little girl and was stuck in the crowd

A source also said that the little girl’s family has also expressed their gratitude and regrets towards the family of Lee Ji Han. 

'Produce 101' Lee Ji-han
Lee Ji Han is loved by fans for his kindness and dedication

So far, while this news has been making its way across social media, there has been no official confirmation from the actor’s agency. Nevertheless, netizens express respect towards the young actor. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • He’s an angel that will come back to heaven after saving a life. From now on, he will be a shining star on the sky
  • He was just a couple of steps away from his own house… just a couple of steps left. Such a kind soul, please rest in peace
  • This is making me tear up
  • Thank you for your heroic action, please rest in peace. Crossing my fingers that you will have a better life in another time 
lee ji han
Lee Ji Han resided right within Itaewon, near the scene of the tragedy 

It was previously reported that Lee Ji Han is currently in the process of filming for the MBC drama “Season of Kokdu”. He used to gain attention for appearing on the Mnet audition show “Produce 101 Season 2”.

Source: yan

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