Which version of ‘Marry My Husband’ is the funniest?

Korean netizens’ comments:

  • I can’t get over BoA’s acting..
  • It’s not a joke, but the drama’s flow got cut off because of BoA. It’s the worst move of them to have BoA on the show. The drama is picked up really well before she appeared. Phew. I don’t think anyone will say anything if they film the latter part again
  • BoA is really…
  • The person who wrote the drama scenario seems to be still a beginner. ㅠㅠ Even if they can’t fully follow the original, I don’t think it would have been criticized so much if it just followed the original to some extent. ㅠㅠ Oh Yu-ra wasn’t such a big role, and the process of Yoo Ji-hyuk’s grandfather acknowledging Kang Ji-won was much more convincing in the original story.
  • Na In-woo is so good. It’s the best drama I’ve ever seen…
  • It’s a different story from the original, so the live-action version wasn’t interesting… The original novel had a great flow
  • The casting of the male lead doesn’t fit! The webtoon is so popular that I know the characters. In-woo is not the right Ji-hyuk. It’s not that I hate In-woo. He really doesn’t match..
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