Fans Criticize ENHYPEN’s Content Team for Scripting a Prank that Made the Members Uncomfortable 

ENHYPEN’s fans recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the group’s content team for pushing a prank too far, even causing discomfort to the members themselves. 

In the new episode of ENHYPEN’s YouTube series “EN-O’CLOCK”, the staff asks Jungwon to do a prank on other members, with Heeseung helping him. 

The prank was supposed to be Jungwon intentionally making mistakes while filming, followed by him pretending to faint. Despite expressing concerns, Jungwon and Heeseung agreed to do the prank.  

Later, a moment left fans uneasy – Jungwon “accidentally” dropped a mic pack and received scolding from Heeseung. Throughout the prank, Jungwon appears visibly concerned.

While the fake fainting part of the prank didn’t happen, the staff’s suggestion unsettles fans. The members also expressed surprise at their idea. Jungwon, aware that the prank might not work, decided against doing the fainting part.

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ENHYPEN later said they wanted to avoid exacerbating situations. They also mentioned “reading the room.” Fans interpret this as a reference to their content staff’s handling of the video.

Fans voice their discontent with the video, asking the staff to not ask ENHYPEN to engage in activities that make them uncomfortable.

Source: Kb

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