Lucas’s ex-girlfriend revealed more details, “It’s not fair if he only takes a few months off for self-reflection then come back”

Lucas’s ex-girlfriend and the 1st accuser, A, continued to make more statements.

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On August 26, A uploaded a long post on Twitter about Lucas.

A said that she had dated Lucas for about 3 months, starting from July 2019. She said that Lucas continuously demanded to have sex even though she was having her menstrual period that month.

According to her, Lucas once said, “The head manager of WayV made a big mistake during the group’s fan meeting in Thailand. Therefore, all the members of WayV were affected, and I became the most powerful person in WayV and even more powerful than the managers.”

A continued to share about the second time she dated Lucas, “Our second relationship started from November 2019 and lasted until March 2020. Since November, he had some free time in his schedules, so he wanted to start dating me again. When he was in China, we talked through WeChat. Then when he came to Korea, we often met at the hotels.”

“When Lucas saw the news of Chen’s wedding announcement, he told me, ‘If he had a baby, he should certainly get married. Should we do this too?’. He also told me that he once mistook a place that he was supposed to meet his friends, so he ended up at a massage parlor in China and had sex for the first time with a woman at that place.”

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A mentioned before that she had to pay for all the expenses when she dated Lucas. There was a time when she lost her wallet, so she asked Lucas if he could pay for her instead. However, Lucas refused immediately. Moreover, on Lucas’s birthday last year, they met at a hotel, and Lucas demanded her go to the convenience stores to buy cigarettes for him.

A explained the reason why she continued to exposed Lucas, “I didn’t know that he dated so many girls until other Chinese fans revealed their stories. The victims are still suffering. Therefore, I decided to write about this issue one last time because I think it’s not fair if he only takes a few months for self-reflection then comes back as an idol.

To prove her claims, A attached her Kakaotalk conversations with Lucas and her payment history of taxies and convenience stores.

Earlier, A’s exposing of Lucas’s gaslighting and “gold-digging” his fans has drawn much attention from the public. She released various WeChat messages with Lucas and also showed her hotel reservations as evidence.

On August 24, a Chinese woman, B, accused Lucas of having affairs with her and a Korean fan at the same time. She said Lucas usually badmouthed other members of NCT and his fans. In addition, B attached her photo of Lucas taken while he was sleeping and their WeChat messages on her SNS.

On August 25, Lucas posted his apology letter on Instagram, saying, “I sincerely apologize to those who felt disappointed by my wrongdoings. I want to make sure that this will never happen again and want to stop all scheduled activities and spend time to reflect on myself.”

On the same day, SM Entertainment also apologized to fans, saying, “We apologize for causing great concern related to the scandal of Lucas’s private life.” Therefore, SM suspended all the activities of Lucas.

The Hong Kong idol Lucas is a member of NCT, WayV, and SuperM. On August 25, he was scheduled to release a single “Jalapeñ;o” with Hendery, another member of WayV, as a unit. However, due to the controversies, all the promotional activities were temporarily stopped, including their stage on M Countdown.

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