Fans are excited to see the trio of YG dancing machines from WINNER, iKON, and BLACKPINK in the same frame

Fans are manifesting a dance video of Seunghoon, Donghyuk, and Lisa! 

On May 2nd, iKON’s Donghyuk posted new photos taken with his fellow labelmates from WINNER and BLACKPINK onto his personal Instagram, making fans excited. These photos were taken backstage during WINNER’s recent concert.

Donghyuk Lisa Seunghoon
iKON’s Donghyuk, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and WINNER’s Seunghoon, Seungyoon in one frame
Donghyuk Lisa Seunghoon
Lisa and Donghyuk two-shot 

On May 1st, Lisa and Donghyuk attended WINNER’s concert to cheer on their seniors and took photos with Seunghoon and Seungyoon. Their moments prove the heartwarming friendship between YG idols. 

Donghyuk Lisa Seunghoon

Fans get especially thrilled to see the trio of main dancers from YG 3rd generation groups, BLACKPINK, iKON, and WINNER in the same frame. 3 years ago, they appeared in the dance teaser of X Academy and fascinated netizens with their amazing dancing skills. Therefore, fans are asking Lisa, Seunghoon, and Donghyuk to film a choreography video together in 2022. 

Some netizens’ comments:

  • It’s super cute, but Lisa didn’t reveal any pictures. Normally, BLACKPINK and iKON don’t interact so I didn’t expect that there would be a photo of Lisa and Donghyuk taken together
  • Looking forward to a dance video of YG’s main dancer line.
  • I’m waiting for the YG Family concert!
  • So cute!
  • Hope they do a collab soon!
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