The Success of Kim Soo-hyun’s K-dramas Depends on His Characters’ Wealth?

Korean netizens have noticed an interesting trend regarding the viewership ratings of K-drama featuring Kim Soo-hyun. 

On April 15, a post titled “Kim Soo-hyun’s viewership ratings skyrocket based on his characters’ wealth in K-dramas” gained popularity on the online community “theqoo”.

In particular, the author of the post listed the wealth of Kim Soo-hyun’s character in each of his K-drama, alongside the highest ratings of said dramas like below: 

kim soo hyun
  • Caregiver (“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, Moon Kang-tae): 7.3%
  • Middle class and PD at broadcasting station (“The Producers”, Baek Seung-chan) 17.7%)
  • Top singer in the future (“Dream High”, Song Sam-dong): 17.9%
  • Corporate lawyer and son-in-law (“Queen of Tears”, Baek Hyun-woo): 20%, 
  • Owns most of the land in Apgujeong and Jamsil (“My Love from the Star”, Do Min-joon): 28%
  • King of the nation (Moon Embracing the Sun, Lee Hwon): 42%

The author therefore concluded that the richer Kim Soo-hyun’s character is, the more successful his respective K-drama becomes. 

Upon seeing the post about Kim Soo-hyun’s characters and their wealth correlating with viewership ratings, netizens had a good laugh and left comments such as “Don’t torment Moon Kang-tae”, “He’s handsome and acts well”, and “Let’s aim for the second-highest viewership rating among the dramas Kim Soo-hyun has appeared in by finding hidden funds in ‘Queen of Tears’.”

kim soo hyun

Meanwhile, the drama “Queen of Tears,” in which Kim Soo-hyun is currently starring, recently surpassed a 20% viewership rating. With such an achievement, it has surpassed “Goblin” to become the K-drama with the 2nd highest viewership among all tvN dramas in history

With a total of 16 episodes and four episodes remaining, it has the potential to surpass the 21.7% rating of “Crash Landing on You.”

Source: Nate

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