K-netizens Admire BLACKPINK Jennie’s Visual And Body Figure In New Adidas Promotional Video

BLACKPINK’s Jennie aroused hot topics with her beauty in the new Adidas Campaign video

A netizen shared screenshots of Adidas’s New Global Campaign Video featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie in the online community Nate Pann and drew keen attention.

They also attached photos of Jennie appearing on billboards in various Adidas stores to praise her visual and enormous global impact.

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented:

– Her waist is so thin…

– She’s really pretty

– Jennie is so pretty. Her eyes are attractive. I really envy her

– Jennie suits Adidas so well

– This is Adidas store in Gangnam

– Jennie’s eyes are beautiful

– I like all of Jennie’s Adidas pictorials

– Her advertisements poured out everywhere right after the concert~ I’m so jealous of Jennie

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