Joy’s “The One and Only” stays at 0% rating range, has JTBC given up on the series?

Is “The One and Only” JTBC’s sacrifice to remake its image? The series still suffers from a low rating of 0% despite positive reviews.    

JTBC’s strategy of re-organizing seems to be to take it if it’s sweet and spit it out if it gets bitter. The reality of JTBC is that the channel ignores dramas that suffer from poor ratings and only plays popular entertainment programs indefinitely. The Monday-Tuesday drama “The One and Only” is completely shunned in a situation where a strategic organization such as broadcasting time and re-run exposure schedule is more important than anything else. It remains to be questioned whether the painful reality of 0% viewer ratings is a problem for the drama only.  

“The One and Only” is a human melodrama in which three women, who only have a limited time span left to live, met at a hospice and faced their real precious “the one and only” after deciding to take down the “only” bad guy before they died. the drama depicts the stories of Pyo In-sook (Ahn Eun-jin), housewife Kang Se-yeon (Kang Ye-won), and influencer Seong Mi-do (Park Soo-young), who faced the end of their lives at an early age against the backdrop of a hospice space exclusively for women who visited to wait for their lives to end.  

The One and Only 0% rating

Above all, “The One and Only” deals with the dark and obvious subject of time-limited life, but instead of suffering from the upcoming death, it turns the audience’s attention to the fresh subject of realizing the true meaning of “life” in front of “death.” From the three women’s warm-heartedness to the romance of Pyo In-sook and Min Woo-cheon (played by Kim Kyung-nam), who met at the end of their lives, the story of people relying on and supporting each other gives off a warm impression.  

Despite such favorable reviews as a “well-made” work, the ratings of “The One and Only” are in the 0% range, disappearing totally from the public’s interest. However, this was predicted even before the broadcast. This is because both the dramas “Idol” and “Nevertheless“, which JTBC organized earlier at 11 p.m. timeslot, have recorded the lowest viewer rating of 0%. As a result, it seems that the airing time of “The One and Only” at 11 p.m., which is difficult to target a major number of drama viewers, is not a failure of JTBC’s strategy, but rather that it does not even expect a good rating at all.

The One and Only 0% rating

It’s hard to find a replay of this drama at this point. JTBC is the only broadcaster to air two episodes in a row from 2 A.M every Monday, and JTBC2 also organized a replay at 9 A.M every Wednesday and Thursday. The drama didn’t attract new viewers since it was difficult for them to watch dramas at late dawn and early morning hours.

On the contrary, JTBC’s replays for representative entertainment programs, such as “Sing Again 2” and “Knowing Bros”, are still aired constantly throughout the week. It’s easy to understand that programs with good ratings are rebroadcast many times, but shouldn’t they give at least minimal consideration to dramas aired at late night?

The One and Only 0% rating

This problem raised questions about the fundamental reason to explain JTBC’s sluggish performance. Last year, JTBC’s drama performance was literally a “disaster”. Some viewers commented, “If dramas are aired only on JTBC, they would be ruined”, pointing out that there was no hit drama on JTBC this year. Casting famous actors, such as Go Hyun-jung, Jeon Do-yeon, and Cho Seung-woo, JTBC did not use them properly and couldn’t manage the balance between their works’ quality and popularity. Moreover, with most dramas being pushed backward, entertainment content broadcasting times were moved forward to 9 P.M in order to compete with terrestrial entertainment shows with high ratings. This is why people doubt JTBC’s “planning” ability. 

JTBC recently announced their 2022 dramas lineup. They have gained spectacular cast again this time, from Son Ye-jin to Song Joong-ki and Lee Yo-won. However, if JTBC continues to keep the plan and organization that they are doing now, there is no guarantee that the same situation that happened to “The One and Only” will not occur again no matter how good the new dramas are. Viewers are wondering how “The One and Only”, which has only 6 episodes left, will end while being ignored by JTBC until the end.

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