YouTuber Naehwa deleted proposal video and unfollowed her boyfriend

YouTuber Naehwa, who gained huge popularity with her French vlogs, deleted the video in which she received her boyfriend’s proposal.

Recently, a video titled “Propose to Naehwa”, which was uploaded in May, was deleted from Naehwa’s YouTube channel. In the video, Naehwa’s boyfriend Hyun-woo proposed to her at a hotel near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The two are known to have been dating for more than 6 years.

The fairy tale-like proposal video filmed in a place surrounded by flowers drew attention with a high number of views.

However, Naehwa later deleted the proposal video from her channel. The post with the caption “I got a proposal” on her SNS was also deleted.


All of the couple’s photos disappeared from Naehwa and her boyfriend Hyun-woo’s Instagram. There is only one photo left. Showing the two’s back view, this photo was taken at the riverside and uploaded by Naehwa in August last year. As of September 10th, the two unfollowed each other.

In August, Naehwa was embroiled in a controversy that her clothing shopping mall’s products copied luxury brands’ products. She explained, “At the time of buying in 2018, I couldn’t recognize which clothes copied which brands’ products, so I bought things that were pretty in my eyes and sold them without prior notice.”


She then apologized, “I’ve seen other companies copy my brand’s products that I designed and sketched myself, but I don’t think I’ve thought deeply about copying. I’m sorry.”

YouTuber Naehwa, who has about 380,000 subscribers, became popular as her emotional French life vlogs recorded 1~4 million views each. She is also operating a clothing shopping mall brand.

Source: wikitree

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