Chinese K-pop idols show support for the “One China” principle amidst the conflict between the U.S and China

Winwin, a Chinese member of boy group NCT127, recently made a post on his SNS showing support for China’s “One China” principle.

“One China” principle states that China (People’s Republic of China) and Taiwan (Republic of China) cannot be separated and that Taiwan is part of China.

Early in the morning of August 3rd, Winwin posted on his Weibo account, saying “There is only one China”. He also shared the poster of CCTV, a state-run Chinese broadcaster, that emphasized the “One China” principle.

nct 127 winwin

It appears to be criticism against U.S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan the night before. The China side is protesting Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan as a violation of the “One China” principle. 

More than 2 million articles protesting against Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan were posted on Weibo.

Winwin’s post has attracted over 8,300 ‘likes’ and 1,500 ‘retweets’, showing the enthusiastic support from Chinese netizens. In the comment section, praises such as “Only one China”, “For our country”, “For only one China”, etc., were poured out. 

nct 127 winwin

On the same day, Wang Yi-ren, a Chinese member of the girl group Everglow, also posted on Weibo supporting the “One China” principle. She is the controversial member who refused to do the Korean-style New Year bow at a fanmeeting held in January.

Chinese members’ political messages are being criticized by Korean fans. This is because such personal activities can damage the image of the entire group.

Korean netizens responded, “Can you just do activities in China alone?”, “They can’t use Chinese members in this way”, etc. 

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