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Even with Lee Seung Gi, “Peak Time” failed to attract fans and ended with 0% rating

“Peak Time” ends with a sad rating of 0%, VANNER (Team 11:00) wins, but it remains unknown if they can start a second chapter in life. 

JTBC’s audition show “Peak Time”, which features the desperation of idols who got a second chance and their heartwarming stories, has failed to resonate with the audience. Team 11:00, which managed to get rid of the “part-time idol” label and return to the stage as “VANNER”, did not receive the anticipated response. This is because “Peak Time” ended with a humiliating 0% rating and low fan interest.

In the much-anticipated final round of “Peak Time”, the undisputed winner was Team 11:00, or the idol group “VANNER”. As the official “part-time idol” of “Peak Time”, VANNER grabbed attention from the beginning and became a “top global voting powerhouse”, ranking second in the first joint elimination ceremony and first in the second joint elimination.

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As expected, VANNER, who won the finals, received a prize of 300 million won, an album release, and a global showcase special. VANNER shed tears of gratitude, saying, “Thank you to everyone who voted. We are honored to finally be able to fulfill our duties as children. Thank you to our parents who waited for years. We are so grateful to have come this far. We will do our best until the end.”

Despite the show’s overall low votes, VANNER’s skills, efforts, and passion cannot be underestimated. All the members worked part-time, and even the company’s representative had a side job to support their activities. VANNER’s determination was acknowledged by everyone. Their sincere stories as unknown idols struggling to make a living through various part-time jobs resonated with the audience. They also received high praise from the judges for their solid live performances and skills in every round.

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However, since the program itself was unpopular, interest in the participants decreased as well. When compared to the competing program “Boys Planet”, which aired around the same time, there was a significant difference in terms of popularity. The production team, who created “Sing Again – Nameless Singer War” (literal translation) and once again promoted a kind audition, made a poor choice by not considering the difference between fandoms for unknown singers and unknown idols, which ultimately worked against “Peak Time”.

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Moreover, the “Lee Seung Gi effect” wasn’t felt, seeing that the actor’s image declined simultaneously with his marriage to actress Lee Da In, who is the daughter of veteran actress Kyeon Mi Ri. Although there was interest in his return to “Peak Time” amid disputes with his former agency, Hook Entertainment, the fact that Lee Da In’s stepfather served a three-year prison sentence for manipulating stock prices and reaping unfair profits negatively impacted Lee Seung Gi’s image.

With everyone’s indifference, “Peak Time” came to a disappointing end. It is still unclear whether the unknown idols can use “Peak Time” as a stepping stone for success. All the audience can do is support the idols, who will hopefully break free from the shadow of “Peak Time” and soar.

Source: Daum

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