Suho, “None Of EXO Members Have Watched ‘Behind Your Touch’”

Suho mentioned EXO members’ reactions to his role in JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Behind Your Touch.”

Suho met with Ten Asia inside SM Entertainment’s office building on October 4 and conducted an interview about JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Behind Your Touch.”


In this interview, Suho also talked about EXO members’ reactions. “Due to the nature of the members, they can’t wait to watch a drama episode by episode. When I appear in other drama, they say, “Tell me when all the episodes have been broadcast. All the members are like that. No one has watched “Behind Your Touch” yet. I told them they didn’t have to watch the first episode because I was not in it,” drawing laughter.


Suho added, “If I haven’t appeared, the members will complain. I know they have tendencies to say, “When are you going to appear?” Since “Behind Your Touch” ended last weekend, there were quite a few members starting to watch it this weekend. I met the members and they said their parents and grandmother enjoyed watching the drama and asked who the criminal was through the members. The people who asked are Chanyeol’s grandmother and Baekhyun’s mother. I didn’t tell them and just told them to enjoy the drama.”

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