“Descendants of the Sun” Korean half-blood after 6 years: still charming at 49, moderate acting successes 

Following “Descendants of the Sun”, David gained more attention, despite relatively low recognition. 

David Lee McInnis is a male actor and model that carries three different bloodlines: German, Irish and Korean. In the past, the male actor gained popularity for his minor roles in drama hit “Descendants of the Sun” and the “8-hundred-billion” blockbuster series “Mr. Sunshine”. In “Descendants of the Sun”, David played a menacing drug lord and arms dealer Agnus whose few appearances captivated the audience for his dangerously good look. He was also known for his close relationship with Song Joong Ki after this role. 

Born and raised in the US, David made his first film debut in an American movie called “The Cut Runs Deep” in 1999. Thanks to the series’s resounding success in Korea, David attracted attention and, from 2001 onwards, he became the face for many Korean brands. Soon after, the actor got another movie role in the 2004 “A Moment to Remember”, starring Son Ye Jin, as a model cameo. 

In his career, David acted in both American, Korean and Chinese film productions but his reputation was relatively moderate. He mainly took on supporting roles and made few breakthroughs. After “Descendants of the Sun”, “Mr. Sunshine” was his next attention-generating drama project. He was also spotted in other series but was not outstanding enough. Some of the following series and movies were drama series “Man To Man” and “Kill It” as well as the 2020 movie “Zoo: The Missing VIP”. 

Currently, David is approaching his 50s and is still active in acting and modeling. At 49, he is still very charming. 

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