A woman who underwent plastic surgery 30 times revealed surprising past photos of herself on “Circle House”

The story of a woman who had plastic surgery 30 times is drawing attention.

In the new episode of SBS’s talk show “Circle House” broadcast on March 24th, “We are obsessed with becoming popular and addicted to receiving ‘Likes’” was selected as the main topic. A woman who underwent plastic surgery 30 times, including full-body surgery, appeared as a guest.

Circle House

She personally revealed her past pictures prior to undergoing various cosmetic surgical procedures. When the photos of her 20-year-old self before plastic surgery, 22-year-old self after having her face done 4 times, and 24-year-old self after 9 times were shown, the hosts were surprised, saying, “She’s so pretty.” Noh Hong Chul couldn’t take his eyes off the screen and said, “Oh, you were pretty.”

When the female guest burst into laughter, Noh Hong Chul said, “No, I’m not saying she looks strange now. I mean she was already pretty back then. She was so pretty that I was surprised. She looked a bit different (from now).”

In response to the cast’s reaction by praising her pre-surgery face, the woman said, “After I turned 24, I became greedy and did a lot of (plastic surgery).”

At the age of 25, she said she underwent a full facelift, forehead augmentation, eye, nose, and double eyelid surgery. She added, “Facelift is one of the surgeries that I find the most regretful. It is an operation to pull up the sagging flesh, and as a result, my forehead became very wide. I went through a really tough time back then. That’s why I even got a hair transplant.”

Dr. Oh Eun Young, who looked at the woman’s past photos, said, “Oh my, your face has suffered.”

Circle House

The woman said her nickname when she was young was “a gangster wife,” and opened up about why she got addicted to improving her looks, “I was tall and had a large skeletal structure when I was young, but I gained a lot of weight due to bulimia during puberty. After I put on weight and went to school, the boys told me, ‘You look like our brother. You have broad shoulders.’ I was hurt a lot by that. From then on, my obsession with my appearance grew stronger.” Her story made everyone feel sorry for her. 

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