Jang Da-ah Proves She Is Not Just “Jang Won-young’s Sister” With Psychopath Acting In ‘Pyramid Game’

The TVing original series "Pyramid Game" received explosive response from the beginning

Jang Da-ah has been drawing attention even before her debut as Jang Won-young’s older sister. However, the actress is making headlines every day for her immersive acting skills. She is playing a heinous villain in TVing’s new original series “Pyramid Game.”

jang da ah-pyramid game
jang da ah-pyramid game

In “Pyramid Game,” which was first released on April 29, Jang Da-ah acted as Baek Ha-rin, the granddaughter of the school president and the leader of school violence. She is a perfect portrayal of a psychopath who usually acts so nice and dignified but turns cold behind others’ back.

pyramid game

“Pyramid Game” is based on a Naver Webtoon of the same name. The cast is complemented for matching the characters in the original.

In addition to Jang Da-ah, Shin Seul-ki of reality show ”Single Inferno” and Kim Ji-yeon of girl group Cosmic Girls also show better-than-expected acting skills. Internet users left praises such as, “She becomes the psychopath” and, “I don’t even think it’s Shin Seul-ki from “Single Inferno” anymore.”

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