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Jung Yu Mi mentions “Jinny’s Kitchen” members, “BTS V is rich but he’s still the youngest. Our group chat is like an army”

Actress Jung Yu Mi told some anecdotes with the members of tvN’s “Jinny’s Kitchen”

On September 1st, the Youtube channel “channel fullmoon” uploaded a video titled, “A younger sister suddenly visited”.

Appearing as a guest, Jung Yu Mi revealed that she recently met with “Jinny’s Kitchen” team after a long time. She shared, “The three youngest members (Park Seo Joon, Choi Woo Sik, and BTS V) are close so they often meet each other, but it is always Lee Seo Jin who gathers us all together”. Hearing that, PD Na Young Seok exclaimed, “He really looks like a big brother at times like that.” 

Jung Yu-mi

Jung Yu Mi agreed and recalled a memory, saying “We once gathered around Seo Jin oppa’s birthday so I told Seo Joon that we should pay for the meal together”.

She then mentioned V, saying “Even though he earns a lot of money, he’s still the youngest among us. I also wanted to treat him to a nice meal. That’s why only Seo Joon and I paid for it, and then Seo Jin oppa would ask, ‘Why did you pay?’.”

Jung Yu-mi

Jung Yu Mi continued, “At some point, our group chatroom became like an army”, drawing laughter. She added, “Seo Jin oppa often sends messages asking about our daily life or saying things like, ‘Let’s meet each other sometimes’. The kids are busy and they don’t answer immediately, so I will reply to him.” 

When Jung Yu Mi showed their group conversations, PD Na Young Seok laughed and commented, “He’s like an old man”, adding “Again, Taehyung (V’s real name) was the only person who did not answer”.

Source: Nate

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