BTS V Takes Center Stage in IU’s New Music Video: Busy Pre-Enlistment Schedule

Before enlisting, BTS V has busy days

According to an exclusive report by Star News on the 5th, it has been confirmed that BTS’s V will appear in IU’s new music video as he prepares for his upcoming military enlistment.

IU is currently working on a new album with the goal of releasing it in the first half of next year. Although the exact release date has not been determined, considering V’s enlistment as an active-duty soldier on the 11th, they quickly proceeded with the music video shoot, taking V’s schedule into account.

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Earlier, in September, V appeared as a guest on IU’s YouTube channel, “Lee Ji-geum’s Palette,” proving their close friendship. In particular, the two built a strong bond while talking about music, and they have become so close that they now use informal language with each other, attracting attention.

Since the release of ‘Palette’ in December 2021, IU has not been actively involved in music activities. Although she successfully held a solo concert, ‘The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun,’ at the Jamsil Olympic Main Stadium in September of last year, her movie ‘Dream,’ released in April this year, recorded only 1.12 million viewers, half the breakeven point of about 2.18 million, indicating a failure at the box office.

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