BTS just joined Instagram, BLACKPINK was immediately “bashed” for not following each other

BTS has just opened a personal Instagram account and quickly followed the group members.  Meanwhile, the 4 BLACKPINK girls don’t follow anyone. 

On December 6, 7 BTS members created a buzz when they officially opened personal Instagram accounts.  Immediately, this topic attracted the attention of many Kpop fans, continuously entering the top trending and receiving great interaction on social networks.

BTS’s joining Instagram promises to create a competition with BLACKPINK – the girl group that is currently the “Instagram queens” in the Kpop idol world.

BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram

After only a few hours of publicizing the account, the number of followers of BTS members has skyrocketed.  Specifically, V currently has 5.3 million followers, Jungkook – 5.2 million followers, Jimin and Jin – 5 million followers, J-Hope, Suga and RM – 4.9 million followers.  With such a rapid increase in followers, it is expected that BTS members will soon catch up with BLACKPINK!

Netizens also noticed a different detail about how BTS and BLACKPINK’s personal Instagram accounts are used.  While BTS immediately followed the members of the same group as soon as they opened their own account, the BLACKPINK girls still do not follow each other although it’s been 4years since they first had their own Instagram accounts.  Up to now, BLACKPINK’s members’ “following” numbers still remain zero.

BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram
4 BLACKPINK girls have been using Instagram since 2018 but still don’t follow any accounts, including those of the group’s members.

Because of this difference, some internet users mock BLACKPINK for having poor teamwork, whereas BTS is a symbol of group unity. Despite having personal accounts, BTS demonstrates the number “7’s” strong cohesion by always going together in all activities. BTS also disabled the comment feature, allowing only the accounts they follow to comment, effectively creating their own Instagram playground.

Some comments:

  • BTS really always puts the group first.
  • Looking at the 7 BTS members following each other, I remember BLACKPINK still keeping the number 0 following on their Instagram.
  • What is BLACKPINK trying to show?  Do they think that’s cool?
BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram
BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram
BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram

That is the difference between BTS and BLACKPINK. The one side is concerned with group activities and cohesion, while the other is focused on individual self – image and solo activities.

To the “not very positive” comments about BLACKPINK’s relationship, fans think that these are all short-sighted comments.  Judging BLACKPINK’s close sisterhood based on the fact that the group doesn’t follow each other on social media is ridiculous. The YG girls have a strong relationship like sisters, and they have many ways to show affection and solidarity.  Some fans also think that BLACKPINK is in fact still following each other, but they have a certain “privilege” that Instagram has hidden the accounts each person follows.

BLACKPINK not following each other on Instagram

Currently, the two fandoms of BTS and BLACKPINK have started a new war on Instagram.  Notably, V quickly surpassed Lisa to own the fastest post reaching 5 million likes among Kpop idols!  The competition for the title of King of Instagram seems to be very intense!

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