BTS’s Jungkook trends #1 Worldwide after launching his personal Instagram account with one of a kind username

Not only Jungkook but other 6 members of BTS have also joined Instagram. 

Earlier today (December 6), 7 members of BTS officially created their personal Instagram accounts after 8 years of debut. This is an incredibly meaningful milestone for ARMYs in particular and K-pop fans all over the world in general, because prior to this, the global boy group was only active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Weverse under the name BTS.

7 accounts of the members were soon followed by BTS’s official Instagram account with more than 53.5 million followers.

Especially, netizens also quickly discovered a special thing about Jungkook’s account name. Although he used most of the characters in the alphabet in his account name, he intentionally left 2 letters “JK” representing his name in the blank “__”.

On Twitter “jungkook” immediately went to the top 1 of the world trend. And ARMYs also made a description for the Top 2 trending keyword “JUNGKOOKS” in a fun way: “ARMY are entertained by Jungkook’s choice of username for his Instagram account, which includes every letter of the alphabet except ‘J’ and ‘K'”

jungkook twitter

The fact that 7 BTS members joined Instagram promises an intense battle with BLACKPINK. The YG girl group is famous for being the “Instagram queens”, possessing huge personal Instagram followers: Lisa – 68.6 million followers, Jennie – 58.2 million followers, Rosé – 51.6 million followers, and Jisoo – 51.8 million followers. Let’s wait and see can BTS be able to “beat” BLACKPINK’s records, and how long it will take them!

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