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“Aren’t you too skinny?”… Taeyeon’s shocking visual surprised fans 

On tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’, SNSD Taeyeon’s face was covered with a Mad Monster filter which shocked her fans.

On the 3rd, tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday‘ featured comedians Kim Won-hoon, Cho Jin-se, and Um Ji-yoon of the popular YouTube channel ‘Short Box’ as guests. On this day, the snack game was played. The game was to guess the names of famous characters on Youtube and TV and what they were known for.


Mad Monster came out as a problem, and Nolto members were embarrassed, saying, “I know the face, but I don’t remember the name.”


It was Taeyeon who didn’t miss the opportunity at this time. She got the right answer and came out on stage and started singing.

As soon as the song started, Taeyeon was covered with Mad Monster’s signature filter.


Originally, Taeyeon showed off her thin body. However, when the Mad Monster filter was applied, her already small face became half smaller, making everyone laugh.

Netizens who saw Taeyeon left many comments such as, “She’s so skinny. She’s really too skinny”, “She works so hard”, and “The visual is a bit shocking.”

Source: Insight

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