Man Who Fakes His Identity As KBS Comedian, “Yoo Jae-suk Helped Me Get In My Company”

A man recently turned the Korean entertainment industry upside down with his fake identity as a KBS comedian

The September 22nd broadcast of SBS’s “Curious Story Y” revealed the story of Choi, who created a fake identity by claiming himself as a comedian working at KBS.

Actors who had met Choi testified that he always bragged about his personal connections. Actress A said, “If you look at his SNS, he had many photos with celebrities and comedians. He even said, ‘Yoo Jae-suk helped him get in his agency’”. Actor B added, “He went to the set late with the excuse that he had a meeting for ‘Comedy Big League’. When I mentioned Uhm Ji-yoon, he said, ‘I met Ji-yoon at a gathering with some friends a few days ago and we drank together’”.

“Curious Story Y” production team asked comedian Park Sung-kwang, who participated in the 22nd KBS Open Recruitment, about Choi. However, Park Sung-kwang said, “I don’t know who he is”, adding “This is the first time I saw him. My colleagues said he always asked others to take photos with him after ‘Gag Concert’. I was very frustrated after watching the video. He said he went to ‘Comedy Big League’ because he was assaulted by KBS”. 

According to “Curious Story Y” production team’s confirmation, Yoo Jae-suk has nothing to do with Choi. The Antenna official who appeared on Choi’s portal profile said, “I don’t know why I was added to his profile”.

In addition, “Curious Story Y” discovered that Choi appeared on a broadcast in 2019 as he was suspected of abusing dogs. At that time, a broadcast covered the news that Choi abused several puppies after adopting them. At that time, Choi said, “I’m actually an aspiring comedian”, adding “To be honest, everyone wants to become famous. Celebrities often have their pasts exposed like this”.

Later, the production team met Choi in person and asked him about the controversy over his fake identity. Choi said, “I’ll apologize if I have to, and I’ll say what I have to say. That’s the duty of a ‘public figure’”, adding “I’m doing activities on SNS. I needed to promote myself. People look at me and think I have the tendency to tell lies and Ripley syndrome (an antisocial personality disorder), but I’m actually a comedian because I do funny things to make people laugh. It was my fault to mention KBS. But I’m not wrong when calling myself a comedian”. 

Choi partially admitted to mentioning KBS on another program but later claimed that he asked the program to edit it like that. However, Choi suddenly got angry when it came to questions about his agency and avoided answering them by saying he would call the police.

“Curious Story Y” continued to contact the program in which he mentioned that he was a KBS comedian in the past to confirm the facts. However, the program’s representative said, “He never contacted us. He doesn’t even know our numbers. We have all the original videos”.

What’s worse is that Choi reportedly approached women using his fake identity as a comedian at KBS and reacted violently when things didn’t go his way. Actress C said, “He was late on the set and fell over during the filming. He flirted with women and asked people for their numbers”. Two other women, D and E, also mentioned Choi, saying “He followed us on the street, tried to talk to us and asked for our numbers. He said he was a comedian and even joined Comedy Big League.”

In addition, Choi was found to have attempted to lure an actress to his house by lying that he was a drama writer. Actress F said, “He asked for my profile and an SBS drama writer contacted and cast me. I went to the given address and it was an apartment.” In fact, it was Choi’s address. 

Earlier in 2019, Choi confessed that the reason he adopted dogs was to approach the opposite sex regarding the animal abuse allegations. Choi said, “80% of people who bring dogs out on the street are women”, adding “It is unfair to say that I’m an animal abuser. I’m going to spend time reflecting on myself and have an interview as a regular office worker.”.

It was confirmed that Choi applied for another show as an actor the day after the production team contacted him.

Choi already deleted his profile and agency’s information on portal sites as the controversy over his fake identity arose. According to his profile before being deleted, his job was ‘talent’ and he debuted through “Comedy Big League” in 2023 after winning several competitions. However, his name and face do not appear on the list of winners of those competitions.

Source: Wikitree

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