After ZB1’s Jiwoong, Another Male Idol Faces Criticism for Using Curse Word 

Korean netizens are now criticizing another male idol for his crude wording following the “cursing controversy” of ZB1’s Jiwoong. 

Recently, ZB1’s Jiwoong faced heavy criticism after a fan accused him of cursing after an online fancall. While the male idol and his company both denied this allegation, negative comments continued, and some fans even demanded Jiwoong to leave ZB1 directly at the 2024 Hanteo Music Awards. 

Now, another male idol has come under fire for his alleged use of curse words. 


In particular, on February 19, a pre-debut photo of BOYNEXTDOOR’s Leehan was published on a Korean forum, garnering massive attention. 

The photo shows Leehan holding a message with words that means “your father’s peak” – a trending term at the time. 


However, the male idol used harsher words than the original term, and his words can be considered a curse word. 

As a result, netizens not only dissed the male idol for his wording, but also harshly compared his pre-debut visuals to his current appearance. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I’m speechless about both his face and his phrase
  • His face has changed so much…
  • Even if the term was trending, his wording sucks
  • Kids who take photos with words like that must have a screwed mind 
  • If you dream of being an idol, you shouldn’t do things like this 
  • Another day, another male idol’s dark history. 

Source: theqoo, Krb

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