Wakeone Denied ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Ji-woong Cursing Incident+ Will Take Strong Legal Actions

Wakeone, ZEROBASEONE’s agency, explained the situation to MK Sports on February 3rd, saying, “As a result of our self-confirmation, the allegation is not true, and we have also checked with the staff and interpreters at the scene.”

Earlier, ZEROBASEONE held a video call event (a fan event where idols talks with fans via video call). After the event, Kim Ji-woong, a member of the group, was embroiled in controversy over various speculations that he cursed after finishing a call with a fan.


“It’s not true,” Wakeone said. “We will use various methods such as digital media and forensics to clearly cover the facts and protect artists for accurate and objective accusations,” it added, hinting at a tough response.

Wakeone also expressed its position on false information being circulated indiscriminately, stressing that “strong legal measures will be taken without any agreement or leniency in the future to prevent false information and malicious comments.”

Source: MK Sports

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